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Although there are no pre-requisites for entry into undergraduate medicine, there are some subjects that put a bit more weight into your university application.

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For all the artists and musicians who are also pursuing a career in medicine, this is absolutely not to say that you are not good potential candidates.

Just keep in mind that you are then competing with hundreds of science-focused students who may have a leg up in marks and content. Definitely one to think about adding to the subject list!

Since the first two years of any undergraduate medicine degree are spent going through the theoretical content of medicine, biology is a big chunk of the content.

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And if you really love the more artsy, history focused subjects, do it! If you are good at English or have done well in the past, it is well worth your while to consider enrolling yourself to Extension English. I will pre-empt this blog by noting that this is not a guideline for what subjects you NEED to pick to get into medicine.

In -students using our technologies increased their scores by 25 percentile points on average. If you are not good at English or do not like English, consider sticking to Advanced English. Whilst I can vouch that it is quite a difficult subject, with the right attitude, it can be a very interesting and enjoyable subject.

In this we will be focusing on choosing subjects from a few different perspectives: If you enjoy science and are happy to learn for the sake of learning, give physics a go, if anything, it may pull your ATAR up and give you a better shot at reaching the benchmark for undergraduate medicine entry.

In fact, having a passion and proved efforts to improve yourself in that field be it music, art, drama… is a fantastic thing to have on a medicine application.

It is better to use your extra time to excel in advanced than it is to try, but ultimately not succeed in extension. It touches on a lot of nutrition and health-based subjects, which when compared to something like physics is certainly a lot more applicable to medicine.

On the downside however, you have to do REALLY well to make this subject count as it does not scale nearly as well as things like science, economics and extension subjects.

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Much of what they teach you will pop up in much greater detail early on in your medical degree. There are no right or wrong answers here. Unfortunately the reason no results were coming up is because there is no correct answer. Same with anything, right?

To view the number of students at your local University preparing with GradReady software, click here. Not only does it show that you have interests outside of medicine, but it also shows dedication, which is considered as desirable as good marks.

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In terms of practicality in the future, you could go your whole medical degree without ever doing or having done physics and be no worse off. There is some truth behind this statement since some people do understand maths a lot more easily than others I was NOT one of those peoplewhich then makes excelling in this subject easier.

What it should do is give you insights into the usefulness of some subject choices over others. Work hard guys and happy studying!

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For example, although UNSW specifically says that you are not required to have completed any specific subject in order to be able to apply, be accepted or enrol in undergraduate medicine, it does say that English and Chemistry are considered highly in the application.

Not only do some medical schools recommend it for prior learning, but it also pulls your ATAR up if you do well enough in the subject. We are a technology company that makes learning more engaging and efficient through Adaptive Learning technologies.

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Many medical schools actually recommend that you complete a biology bridging course before starting your degree so you are not so far behind the rest of those who did biology in high school. Sciences Chemistry If medicine is the end goal, chemistry is a good subject to have up your sleeve.

Universities also look highly upon students who have achieved well in either Extension English 1 or 2. If I can leave you with some final advice, only do subjects that you enjoy.

Physics is a great subject to have an understanding of, as it actually does apply to the world around us and can help make sense of everyday life.

Established in by medical students at the University of Melbourne, we have grown to help over 1, students each year.Tues 11 th-Sat 15 th Sept National Touch League Championships at Caloundra Year 8, 9 & 10 girls. Friday 14th September Year 10 VALID Science Assessment ampm. Friday 14th September Year 12 Modern History Lectures in F5.

Welcome to our very own space. To help you along this long journey known as Year 11 & 12 PDHPE, I have put together this website, to make communication and getting help with work - a little easier. 11 PDHPE Option 2 - Fitness Choices. In this module, students investigate the following critical questions: What does exercise mean to different people?

What are the ways people choose to exercise for fitness? What influences people's choice of fitness activities? Outcomes. The syllabus, assessment and reporting information, past HSC exam papers, and other support materials for the Personal Development, Health and Physical Education.

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Year 11 pdhpe
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