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On the WFG website, they proudly state they they now have 50, licensed associates. If you join, and buy their productsthen a world of financial freedom will be opened to you. If you are interested in joining WFG or just want to know more about them, then we hope that you find this review useful.

As a WFG associate, your agreement refers to you as a contractor or representative of the company. This sounds like a good number but if we look at the WFG opportunity pagewe see that in WFG signed upnew associates.

Every one of them is your competition. Bringing in new recruits is how they make money Part of the process of becoming a new recruit, is completing an online financial needs analysis. Buying products is not compulsory for new associates.

So finding 3 SMDs means having follow up meetings with 2, people. When they buy the products, they spend their money, which gets paid as a commission to the people who sponsored them.

We are assuming that their goal is to be as vague as possible so that the only way to get information is to see an agent, and receive a full sales pitch. Have you joined WFG or thinking of joining? If possible speak to financial planners from other companies to see if they describe the industry the same way WFG does.

If you are expecting long term success with World Financial Group, then a career change to financial planning is part of the process. The Ultimate Encore Career This brochure is targeted to people who have recently retired but still want to work, who are considering a separation from their current career, or who just want to explore a new opportunity.

There is more to it than this though. Retirment Like all financial planners, WFG associates need to obtain the proper licensing before they can legally sell these products to customers. The services are summarized into three areas: Your team might look like the one in the diagram below: It provides a list of some of the providers and products you represent as well as the different questions that a financial needs analysis can help answer.

For some additional background we also researched what others have said online in their reviews of WFG. This BPM is an excellent overview to help you bring new associates into the business. Does this sound like a system which is making financial dreams come true? This makes them less likely to believe that this is a miracle key to financial freedom.

Nurse practitioner Our step-by-step business system empowers entrepreneurs to launch and grow financial services businesses.

Smart Marketing Reach contacts, prospects, followers and your team with a digital marketing suite that brings your business to life. They are buying the product because they want to achieve their financial dreams.

Discover the Difference Take a Tour of Our Business Platform Get a quick overview of the many advantages to building your business on a platform designed for growth. Achieve Your Dreams This presentation helps you share with your client important financial concepts that can help them create a sound financial strategy for their futures.

You can join disqus or comment as a guest. This means that you will prospect for new customers, but someone in your team with a license will have to handle the final sale of any financial products we assume they would also take a share of the sales commission. You need to follow their example and buy the products yourself.Welcome to MyWFG.

login. Enter your Associate ID and Password. ASSOCIATE ID *? Password. Log in. or. Create Password. Manage Login. Welcome to MyWFG. At World Financial Group, Inc., you have the opportunity to be your own boss and run your own business with a wealth of resources and support at your disposal.

You are not limited to representing one product line to a consumer because WFG has selling agreements with many financial services and insurance companies with quality products for you.


WFG is a complete business platform for financial professionals. Take the tour and learn about how we can help you build your own business serving families across North America.

WFG Napkin Business Presentation. Find this Pin and more on WFG/WSB by David Keeler. A clear educational presentation comparing ROTH IRA's with Indexed Universal Life options for building Tax Free Assets, Generating Tax Free Income, and prote. World Financial Group - WFG Review See more.

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World Financial Group, is a multi-level marketing company which sells insurance and investment products. We also managed to find a slide show version of the WFG Business Presentation, and a video of the WFG Napkin Presentation. Rather than use a standard business model, WFG has chosen to promote themselves using a Multi-level marketing.

To be successful in World Financial Group, you have to become excellent at extending an effective invitation. You invite people to the Business Presentation Meeting (BPM) at the office.

Wfg business presentation
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