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Yes you are right Hesham, I did tried accordingly and got some positive results. The thing I think will Ultimately Kill Thesis is 2.

Thesis WordPress Theme Review

This saves a lot of time and unnecessary effort in uploading CSS files. StudioPress did a huge overhaul with Genesis, ElegantThemes Hesham you are the man: Its also more customizable and easy to handle. Thank you for being honest. And repeats old blogs as though they are new.

The admin panel makes it really easy for bloggers that do not want to get their hands dirty with any code but still want to Thesis theme review 2011 some basic editing to their website design and make customizations to their on-page Search Engine Optimization.

Your post gives me the knowledge more about thesis. They release updates with every wordpress release to make sure things are working. I loved it and it was definitely the best for starters but in order to make out in the long run SEO is the most necessary element which is very limited or I would rather say "static" with thesis theme.

Excellent and Honest review Hesham. There are currently thousands of people using Thesis and many people are using thesis with the basic settings applied and nothing customized.

However, I am using Genesis at this time which is quite similar but have some advantages with clean layout and optimized loading time. I liked your review a lot. I had to FTP and upload things manually.

Spent numerous hours fixing the mess of the theme instead of working more on my sites. Is Thesis The Perfect Theme? It would be way better if it was a tutorial blog instead of the same info I keep reading in some other places.

It is a light-weight theme that helps the site to load faster. Recently, it even started to conflict with my plugins. I recently wrote a blog on whether Thesis 2. Thesis is really easy once you get used and the support is superior. I certainly agree with you about the DIY blog and the last good post I saw over there was a guest post from Kiesha almost 2 years ago!

As for Derek Halpern. Then, within a few hours, I was getting more messages from people on Facebook saying I was no longer ranking at 1. Come on guys, Thesis needs a serious overhaul, or is the raked-in dough lasting for eternity.

Uniqueness is very important to generate visitor loyalty and help encourage a community on your site. You can always do things later to improve and perfect — as I hope you can see.

In my particular tests, the same caching plugin W3 Super Cache was enabled and images were attached for both:Thesis Theme is released – A Review by ZK Last Updated On: 1/08/ The much awaited Thesis Theme version has just been released, the Thesis Theme version was available in beta only to Thesis Theme developers license owners.

Why I Switched to the Thesis Theme and What Happened When I Did By Pat Flynn on August 8, I’ve been getting a lot of emails asking me about my switch to the Thesis theme for the SPI blog.

The Thesis Theme for WordPress is said to be one of the best premium themes out there. Read this thesis theme review first to find out if it lives up to all the hype.

Conclusion about Thesis Theme Review Thesis Theme is no doubt the best platform for WordPress blogs when we compare it with free or with even premium WordPress Themes.

You will be able to customize it to great extent even if you don’t know ABC of coding and designing. If you are willing to put in some effort, there is currently no better WordPress theme available than Thesis Please read the review.

Thesis Theme 6 is released – A Review

Thesis Theme Review: Why I Give it 3 out of 5. January 30 and Chris keeps telling them “Thesis is coming soon”, Tnks for your review of the Thesis Theme Firstly,I have used Thesis for 3 years.I have learnt a tremendous amount as I was a total newbie to wordpress and blogging 3 years ago I currntly updated to Thesis

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Thesis theme review 2011
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