The morals of an individual in the business world in william dean howells the rise of silas lapham

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william dean howells

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Culture and Conduct in the Novels of Henry James.The House of Mirth tells the story of Lily Bart, aged 29, beautiful, impoverished and in need of a rich husband to safeguard her place in the social elite, and to support her expensive habits - her clothes, her charities and her gambling. The Rise of Silas Lapham (Penguin Classics) William Dean Howells.

out of 5 stars Paperback. /5(). William Dean Howells essay In the novel, The Rise of Silas Lapham, William Dean Howells makes a particular point about the morals of an individual in the business world. His point is that an individual, such as Silas, must check their morals at the door if they have any plans to make it in the business world.

William Lyon Phelps Essay on William Dean Howells Written by: William Lyon Phelps Born in a little village in Ohio over seventy years ago, and growing up with small Latin and less Greek, Mr.

Howells may fairly be called a self-educated man. The corruption of middle-class values was a central theme of Howells's most successful novels: The Minister's Charge (), The Rise of Silas Lapham (), and A Hazard of New Fortunes ().

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It also informed his utopian tract, A Traveller from Altruria (). William Dean Howells - Premium Collection: 27 Novels in One Volume (Illustrated): The Rise of Silas Lapham, A Traveler from Altruria, Through the Eye of the Needle, An Open-Eyed Conspiracy, Indian Summer, The Flight of Pony Baker, A Hazard of New Fortunes, Ragged Lady & many more.

Harold Bloom's list of the Great Books from the Western Canon. The Western Canon by Harold Bloom. This page: A. William Congreve The Way of the World Love for Love; Jonathan Swift A Tale of a Tub Gulliver's Travels William Dean Howells The Rise of Silas Lapham A Modern Instance; Stephen Crane The Red Badge of Courage.

The morals of an individual in the business world in william dean howells the rise of silas lapham
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