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More essays like this: The Rwandan genocide is an example of how the division of lands has lead to modern day tensions between tribes.

The repercussions from European Imperialism during this time have effected tribal relations in Africa to this day. Britain sent many missionaries to Africa to convert the peoples to Christianity; they also sent explorers two Scramble of africa essay ones were Richard Burton and John Speke who traveled to east Africa to find the source of the River Nile.

Africa was the place that they all saw as being abundant in raw materials. Leopold II created Scramble of africa essay rubber plantation on a personal colony inside of the Congo Free State, which was completely dependent on forced labor. It is because European countries have and will continue to exploit these African countries for these kind of resources simply because it is cheaper and they can do it Scramble of africa essay.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. This is a modern day example of how European influence has lead to internal issues in an African country. Even though settlers could prevent against malaria, yellow fever still and to this day does has no treatment.

Africa was very abundant in natural resources, which made the European countries more eager to be the ones to colonize it first. After their loss in World War I the Germans were forced to give up control of Rwanda to Belgium, it was when Belgium assumed control of Rwanda when many of the serious tribal separations were created.

Whether it be gold, iron, cotton or ivory all of the countries saw these few materials as ones that would shape their countries wealth and industrial power. The peoples had no way of preventing nor had any say in the deliberations leading to the division of lands that their ancestors lived on for centuries before in peace.

Scramble for Africa

The end of slavery in Europe meant that there was no one else left to do the work in Europe so they needed another means of getting goods to their factories and Africa held the answer to their problem.

The natives were in complete peace before the Europeans arrived and destroyed their way of life and how they lived. Many of the recent genocides and wars that have occurred in Africa are the product of the Scramble of Africa and the separation and mixing of rival tribes in Africa.

The last cause was that a cure to malaria was found thus allowing colonization in Africa to be easier because of the tolerance against malaria. They had their lives torn apart for money and the betterment of other societies in the name of exploitation.

During the genocide about three quarters of the Tutsi tribe were exterminated by the Hutus, a rival tribe of the Tutsi. A major cause was the innovation in weapons, there were no more swords the Europeans had guns, which gave them an overwhelming advantage over the native peoples of Africa.

The one continent that none of them had really made their mark on was the African continent. Britain had India as a colony that produced a wide range of raw materials and goods such as spices and textiles that could be sold in Europe for great profit.

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The second example is the civil war in Sierra Leone, which occurred from The peoples of Africa were dealt a terrible card and now it seems as if though there will never truly be a peaceful Africa due to constant tribal conflict in its countries.

However, once the Belgians pulled out of Rwanda, Tutsi influence decreased greatly and the economy that the Belgians established began to tank. Sierra Leone is a country that is very rich in resources, one of those resources being diamonds. Unlike the previous example of the Rwandan genocide, this particular event was not just between two tribes; it was over resources.

The colonization traumatized the native peoples because they were being put to work against their wills and were also being killed off for the advancement of the European countries.

Get Access Scramble For Africa Essay Sample During the s colonization reached one of its peaks, almost every European country was scrambling for any un-colonized lands.The “Scramble for Africa” was a movement by the every European power during the Industrial revolution to claim as much land as possible in resource rich Africa, with a goal of expanding its wealth and empire.

Scramble For Africa Essay Sample During the s colonization reached one of its peaks, almost every European country was scrambling for any un-colonized lands. The one continent that none of them had really made their mark on was the African continent.

This brief essay will attempt to discusswhether the 'scramble' can be understood as a single process with reference tothe origins of the 'scramble' and the motivations that involved those that tookpart in it.

The Effects of European Imperialism on Africa Essay. example of the extent to which a need for expansion took hold of Europe is the Scramble for Africa -- an event that can be considered a prominent display of active imperialism.

The Scramble for Africa Essay Words | 5 Pages. The scramble for Africa represents the most thorough and systematic process of colonialism in world history.

The European colonial powers managed to conquer and control almost the entire continent of Africa in. The Scramble for Africa Essay - The Scramble for Africa is one of the best examples of colonization in world history. Europe alone managed to colonize the entire African continent in a period of roughly twenty five years, spanning from to

Scramble of africa essay
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