Power crisis in pakistan and its possible solutions essay

Although it is not an absolute solution to the energy crisis we face today, it is a good source of alternative energy and medium-tern solution for reducing domestic dependence on the national grid. Domestic sector needs necessary reforms to minimized power utilization.

A further economy of per cent can be achieved by introducing the second level of energy-conservation practices.

Pakistan has a small nuclear power program, with MW capacity, but there are plans to increase this capacity substantially. Moreover, measures must be taken to settle all litigation so that gas can be brought into the national supply network.

Merely by following serious attitude we can work out the power jobs and take Pakistan out of this power crisis. Currently we are having MW energy with our potential of to MW. Only by adopting serious attitude we can solve the power problems and take pakistan out of this power crisis.

So this menace of power crisis is influencing our national life in many ways. By adopting water conservation measures and betterment of irrigation system, consumption of electricity and diesel oil to run tube wells can be minimised.

The coal mining sector, in general, is a neglected and underdeveloped area in Pakistan. Use of hydrocarbon compounds excessively in transport sector, effects its utilization in other important sectors.

Major reasons for this decline is terrorism and power shortages. As a consequence of this. Studies have shown that on average our country receives 19MW per square meter of solar energy.

Government has conducted many National Energy Conferences on probationary and national degree. Reforms in industrial sector are also mandatory by balancing, modernization and replacement BMR activity. Life within the four walls of a house has become exceedingly difficult.

Unfortunately Pakistan is lagging behind in this race. Biomass production involves using garbage or other renewable resources such as sugarcane, corn or other vegetation to generate electricity. Government debts to oil companies regularly fluctuates to around billion.

Long hours of load shedding have crippled industrial progress and badly affected just about every segment of society.

This sudden rise in power demands further added to worsening energy crises. These short term measures can be helpful in combating power crisis for the time being. Pakistan being agrarian economy depends on agriculture for its GDP.

Successive governments have never fully utilised resources and focused their energies on development. Another reason is that the standard of living of most of our people has gone up. Power generation by natural gas is about Rs6 KWh as compared to Rs If expenses are curtailed, such funds can be generated.

Our online Notes on. Independent Power Producers have set up wind farms on a small scale, possibly to assess the potential of wind energy in Pakistan, which is believed to be immense. Now we will briefly discuss the power generation capacity and power plants in Pakistan.

They try to reap temporary benefits and ignore the national cause. The country is yet to switch over to coal from the indigenous source of energy that is estimated to be the third largest in the world with a reserve of A really big portion of the rural population does non hold the installation of electricity because they are either excessively distant or it is found excessively expensive to link their small towns to the national grid station.

Total oil reservoirs in the world are estimated to be billion barrels. Recent hike in oil prices has worsened our energy crisis. Plans are underway in Pakistan to harness tidal energy; however, no implementation has been made so far.

We are facing the worst energy crisis of our history in present years.Short-Term Solutions * An immediate solution for power crisis is a change in lifestyles. We will write a custom essay sample on Power Crisis in Pakistan specifically for the hydro power projects already working in the country so that we can meet the shortage of electricity as soon as possible.

Geographically, Pakistan has been blessed. Energy Crisis in Pakistan Causes and Consequences Essay a short essay that will cover major crisis of energy and solution that how to get rid of these crisis in Pak.

Power Crisis in Pakistan and It’s Possible Solutions Essay Sample

But it is not possible to provide electricity for people twenty-four hours in a day. Because energy crisis on its peak level in Pakistan. It is impossible for students to get.

Energy Crisis in Pakistan & Its Causes

Pakistan Electric Power Crisis and its Possible Solutions Pakistan is in the grip of a serious power shortage crisis that is affecting all sectors of the economy and the various segments of the society.

Energy Crisis In Pakistan And Its Solutions Environmental Sciences Essay. Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, BACKGROUND OF CRISIS FEARED IN PAKISTAN Power crisis feared by The experts say it could only be possible through a mega project of hydropower generation; otherwise the gap between firm supply and peak demand will.

Energy Crisis in Pakistan: Energy is just like a blood in the body of modern economy. Let us discuss the causes, effects and possible solution of this situation. Causes of Energy Crisis in Pakistan, energy crisis in pakistan essay, Learn English, solution of energy crisis in pakistan.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Your email address will. Energy crisis in Pakistan and its solutions admin July 3, 1 Pakistan is facing a big and serious energy crisis which is increasing with the passage of time and the government of Pakistan has remained fail to control this and fix this issue.

Power crisis in pakistan and its possible solutions essay
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