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The speaker seems to be observing the deceased athlete, so he must be on display in some manner. The tone may be a very depressing one, but the theme is even more piercing. They were together in celebration of his victory and now are together in mourning his death.

Structure is what incorporates the rhythms and other devices into a pattern that binds the lines of a poem into a small story with a moral that can be told to many different generations.

There were probably pictures of the guy scrawled across cave walls throughout the land. In the second stanza it says, " Shoulder-high we bring you home " which is talking about the runners funeral.

When contradictory terms are used consecutively they are called an oxymoron. Now that we know what a laurel is, we can now understand the full effect of lines eleven and twelve. Like death, fame is nothing new, but we never seem to get tired of it.

Some of those elements are assonance, consonance, repetition, external and internal rhyme, imagery, alliteration, similes, metaphors, personification, ect Then, look for each element in the poems. Figurative language paints a picture with words to help readers see the story.

With recurring themes like death and the loss of youth, his poems struck a chord with World War I English society. Housman is a piece about one of the most tragic fates.

To an Athlete Dying Young Poetry Analysis

Also, the poem is about an athlete in a small town. In the third stanza the narrator say " Smart lad to slip betimes away from fields were glory does not stay " which basically says that it was good of him to die early because if he would have lived on the townspeople who once admired him would have soon forgotten him.

He died without the taste of defeat; he died a champion. Lines eleven and twelve are good examples that show that the speaker has had some experience with success. People who have achieved greatest successess drift off into the ground.

In this stanza the young runner died shortly after his victory. The speaker is perhaps saying that the glory and praise of being a winner will fade very quickly, as it did with him.

Houseman the narrator shows you how dying young and at the peak of your glory is better then living to be forgotten. This means that the last word of every two lines rhymes.

They will not have to go through the pain of watching their fame disappear or whither out with time. He seems to know and understand what the athlete had felt and what would have become of him.

I thought this was an outstanding poem, and its theme was very touching to me. I believe it is an older man, one who had been a champion of sorts in his younger days. Still, he made his mark. Why Should I Care? Like this term paper? While most famous poets publish book after book after book, A.

We are neither affiliated with the author of this essay nor responsible for its content. The tone starts out to be one of pride for the athlete, but soon it changes to a very melancholy and solemn one. He captured his victory and he will be remember for what he had done just before he died.

When time passing things are forgotten. So set, before its echoes fade, The fleet foot on the sill of shade, And hold to the low lintel up The still defended challenge cup. Here is the correct way to quote in " " marks: The entire community is stricken with grief and is mourning the loss together.

It will really teach you a lot about the elements. When the narrator says " And set you at your threshold down ", I imagine the townsman placing the runners casket into the ground.

Instead of being a poem about the death of the athlete, the poem becomes a statement about the life of the speaker. That fate, of course, is dying at a young age.A.E. Housman's "To an Athlete Dying Young" gives us a chance to consider just how high a value we place on fame.

Your reaction to the poem will be a pretty good indicator of your level of fame-obsession. Free Papers and Essays on To An Athele Dying Young. We provide free model essays on Poetry, To An Athele Dying Young reports, and term paper samples related to To An Athele Dying Young. Start.

To an Athlete Dying Young by A. F. Housman (Poetry) - Research Paper Example

Young is a very meaningful piece of poetry. To an Athlete Dying Young by A. E. If you need a custom essay on Poetry. "The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time." A.E.

Houseman, in the tragic poem “'To an Athlete Dying Young," examines the themes of youth and premature killarney10mile.com poem addresses a young runner who epitomized glory by winning a race and earning the heart of his townsmen.

The. Essay on Analysis of to an Athlete Dying Young Words Dec 13th, 5 Pages Analysis of “To an Athlete Dying Young” In his poem “To an Athlete Dying Young”, A.E. Housman makes a quite different approach on death. "To an Athlete Dying Young" takes place at a young champion runner's funeral or possibly before the funeral at the memorial service.

In the first stanza, the poem starts by the speaker reflecting on the time the champion runner won the town race, and he was greatly celebrated and carried home "shoulder-high.".

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Essay on To an Athlete Dying Young Poetry Analysis; Essay on To an Athlete Dying Young Poetry Analysis. Words Apr 27th, 3 Pages. Sydney Walcher Instructor, Lisa Ward English 8 April To an Athlete Dying Young A.E. Housman was a poet born in who became very successful during his lifetime.

“To an Athlete .

Poetry essay on to an athlete dying young
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