Lucid dreaming as a therapeudic tool essay

Talk to your journal as if you expect it to answer you. Like a written dialogue between different aspects of your consciousness. Journaling your dreams is also a very powerful tool for gaining deep self-awareness. Answers will emerge from the depths of your consciousness that you never dreamed were there.

So, is there a risk in writing down your private thoughts in a journal? Therapeutic journaling is spontaneous, expressive, in the Here and Now.

Deep wisdom and compassion will suddenly show up.

What if my husband or wife, or kids, or whoever finds it. Your journal is your friend. Long forgotten feelings will emerge like resentments, rage or grief. Learn more about conscious dreaming techniques.

But if you can set a reasonable boundary with your family and get over your childhood fears of being exposed, the benefits of journaling are plentiful.

It is not an English class assignment. Never mind about punctuations or neatness. Your unconscious self talking with your Conscious Self Your ego self talking with your Higher Self Your intellect talking with your Soul Your adult self talking with your inner child Your head talking with your heart Therapeutic journaling, first and foremost, is a process - like a piece of art.

Therapeutic Journaling A Simple and Powerful Self-Help Tool Therapeutic Journaling is an often misunderstood, under-valued, and under-utilized self-help tool for dealing with depression, relationship problems or any life issues we are challenged with.

While it can be used beneficially to create a sense of order and organization to your thoughts, plans, goals, and feelings, it is equally useful to do away with all linear thought, and just write your stream of consciousness - whatever comes into your mind.

All too often, when I suggest that a person keep a therapeutic journal, the first thing they say is, "No way!

Most of the time, if you hold this attitude -- it will. Therapuetic journaling is a powerful way to develop a relationship with your Self. This can be conceptualized in many different ways: Write down your thoughts and feelings every day. Nor is it your last will and testament or your autobiography, to be found later by your great-grandchildren in a dusty wooden chest in the attic.Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online.

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Lucid Dreaming as a Therapeudic Tool? Essay by DuVc, A+, September download word file, 4 pages, Downloaded 48 times. Keywords United States, Happiness, Perception, American Dream, one person. 0 Like 0 Tweet. The Flawed Belief of The American "Dream" The pursuit of complete "Happiness" and bliss is what The /5(4).

Therapeutic Journaling is an often misunderstood, under-valued, and under-utilized self-help tool for dealing with depression, relationship problems or any.

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Lucid dreaming as a therapeudic tool essay
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