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Following the conviction of 11 staff members the serious Case review report was published in July In Victoria Climbie case there were failures, this could bring you to the conclusion that there are dangerous flaws in the basic model of partnership working.

They must situate their response in a practice context, differentiating between social work as assessment and the role of a child protection investigator, and demonstrate their knowledge of legislation and protocols making reference to current guidance DfELondon or other local Child Protection Procedures LSCB and Achieving Best Evidence CJS Through CQC examination it will be possible to see whether the targets are being hit, whether reports being filed and documents.

All of this could have been prevented if there had been some changes such as changing the structure of the way the staff are interviewed and employed checking qualifications and evidence.

With all models and strategies there will be need for improvement, development, reviews and evaluations. This is a clear description of abuse from staff who had obviously had not been vetted through the right pathway of employment some could say this is unknown but if training and management training had maybe been provide these incident may not have happen.

This may involve removing the individual into an environment where that feel comfortable away from alleged abuser if necessary or to an area where confidentiality can be ensured.

Such as social service, Child protection services and the police as well as 3rd sector organisation such as charities and Health services all working in partnership to help the better of the client to protect and work together with that service user.

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Working in partnership has also improved the action response time to an emergency situation since the Victoria Climbie incident The way in which this is addressed and monitored is through monitoring boards such as the CQC Care Quality Commission. Plagiarism is easily spotted because of the expectation that the essay will be firmly based in the module content and make reference to specific recommended literature.

Working in partnership encourages social care to be examined and improved. The need for improvement and review and evaluation can been seen evidently from the Children Act Working in partnerships has 6 philosophies that centre on the service users care which are use the Health and Social Care services which are provided and the professional that work in partnership.

You should not remove for example bedding, clothing and in the case of sexual abuse try to refrain the victim from removing forensic evidence by washing, again reassurance should be given. With barriers such as Skills: There is also the level of management involvement in evaluating and monitoring the staffing levels and care provided.

This then go onto promote empowerment for the service user as they get the chance to be heard about the care that they are receiving making them feel confident. Without collaboration of professional major problems could arise with collaboration major problems can be discussed and addressed.

When looking at these cases and there reviews it can be seen that there would have been a big benefit in having easier quicker access to expertise services and professional in collaboration of working partnership.

As a result many of the individual recommendations published in this report have been implemented, e. Now there are more organisations working together.

Writing a social work essay on child abuse

Bad communication can cause failure in service providing and can cause sufferance on the service user. Thais may involve Making sure clothing, bedding etc. Failures in staff communication and staff not following care levels and policy can affect the service provide.

Health care working partnership between the service user and the health service providers. Communication is a big part of successful working in partnership. Well-structured The essay must be well structured, avoiding lists but including paragraphs which allow a flow of ideas — with few subheadings throughout.

Working together as professionals can also make informal decisions easier to come to agreement about because of shared responsibility. CQC not only make it possible for the mistakes to be highlighted but also what works and what has been improved and what needs improvement.

No training in partnership skills, Lack of knowledge of other professions, Roles: The confidentiality Act is brought into place as is Data protection. There should been have been several intra agency collaborations as well as inter professional collaborations.

There are different issues that may arise from different opinions, failure in service providing by staff employed by the employers.

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It is important not to destroy any physical or forensic evidence and to as far as possible leave the scene of the abuse undisturbed, with the exception of removing the victim of the abuse. Daniel was not a hidden child, thus within the current system, his death should, and could have been prevented.

Improvements came about after the serious Case reviews of the cases such as Victoria Climbie and Baby P. Failure to have challenging policy and procedures Inadequate training Failure to spot a pattern of abuse The report also published recommendations some of which have already been implemented.

The philosophies promote empowerment; Power sharing, Respect, Choice, Making informal decisions and independence. After an investigation the hospital was found to have had reports of staff leaving patients to urinate on themselves and patient resulting in drinking water from flower vases.

As well as some others as Resources, Environment, Culture. For effective service to be provided across the health care sector there must be a collaboration of shared information. There can be many different outcomes of Partnership Working.The Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB) The LSCB have particular roles and responsibilities to oversee the work of other agencies.

The Board is made up from experts from the range of children’s services. (Beginning: Working Together to Safeguard Children, ). Safeguarding and advancing the public assistance of kids is the duty of the local authorization (LA), working in partnership with other public administrations, the voluntary sector, kids and immature people, parents and carers, and the wider community.

Working in Partnership in Health in Social Care Essay Sample.

Working in Partnership in Health in Social Care Essay Sample

Working in Partnership in Health in Social Care Essay Sample. Working in partnership in health and social care is a collaboration of health care services that provide care in the health and social care sector.

“SCRs are conducted by the Local Safeguarding Children Board. Pre-school introduces children into learning for preparation starting school, many outside agencies integrates with/along side pre-school environments such as army welfare services, health services, local police officers, local primary schools, ofsted, speech therapists this is just a few.

The Safeguarding Of Children Social Work Essay

b) This document outlines how Hillingdon Local Safeguarding Children Board will carry out its role and function as required by The Children and Social Work Actrelated regulations and guidance. Welcome to Solihull Local Safeguarding Children Board. There is a new number for Children’s Social Care Significant changes to local multi-agency arrangements have recently been established through the Children and Social Work The Act creates new duties for police, health and the local authority to make .

Local safeguarding children board social work essay
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