Kannawidan the ilocos festivity

Their graceful movements and excellent rendition of songs and playing the indigenous musical instruments drew attractions from the crowd.

We were able to share thoughts and ideas about sustainable eco-tourism. Since I arrived late at the showdown venue, I could no longer find a place for me to take a decent photo so I decided not to document such event.

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A huge field is still there in the midst of the highly-valued subdivided lots dotted with mid-rise buildings that dramatically changed the surrounding landscape. It would have been a good introduction of the Bago culture to the people of Metro Vigan who are not so familiar about them.

I appreciate Gov Ryan for making this happen Disclaimer: There are more than 42, known major and minor festivals in the Philippines, the majority of which are in the barangay village level. Kannawidan means traditions and this province got to showcase all what she has.

According to Governor Luis Chavit Singson, the province has a rich heritage and unique cultures that need to be preserved for the next generations. They cheered to death when the lowland festivals took the stage.

List of festivals in the Philippines

Also on the opening day of the festival, a traditional ritual is performed by the students of the Ilocos Sur, especially high school students. They amazed the audience by their graceful movements and excellent rendition of songs and playing the indigenous musical instruments. Reverend Father Roque Reyes, who officiated the mass, said that the mass and the procession were the acts of thanksgiving to the God almighty for the blessings received by the province and the exhibition of the strong religious belief of the Ilocano families.

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After the procession, a dinner for all was enjoined to all bystanders, tourists and visitors at Plaza Salcedo followed by fireworks display to signify the formal start of the different events of the weeklong festival.

A dinner for all was held at the Plaza Salcedo where all the bystanders and even the local and foreign tourists present were invited to join.

This shows the deep rooted religiosity of the Ilocanos. Of course, the tribal town of Sigay also did well for me but sorry to say, Kannawidan the ilocos festivity applause from the crowd. I hope all the towns of Ilocos Sur will join next year!

Originally encouraged by the Spanish to coincide with Christian holy days, early festivals became vital instruments in spreading Christianity throughout the country. Jose Burgos Achievement Awards, the highest award legislated and is awarded to Ilocos Surians who do extremely well in their chosen profession.

I had no choice but to leave the place. Spectators are clapping with joy because of their great performances, graceful movements, and excellent rendition of songs while playing native musical instruments. There were Sarsuela and Komedya Ilocana which were shown.

A food festival is also held at Plaza Salcedo. Domingo placed third with 1 major, 1 minor and 1 individual awards. However, festivals in the country are not limited to Christian origins. I compared the response of the crowd. It is one of the reasons why the Kannadiwan Festival is conducted.

This is what I love about the latter governor. It is presented by world-class performers showcasing the Beauty of the Philippines through dances, music, and sounds.

Some might consider the set-up today better. Posted by Edwin Antonio at 8: Captain Romel Dayoan, Dadalaquiten, Sinait. It was a fun-filled week of celebration of the Kannawidan Festival in Ilocos Sur.

The festival was launched in under the leadership of then Governor Deogracias Victor B. Street Dancing and Showdown The street dancing this year was the second installment in the history of Kannawidan festival which debuted last year.From the PIA, now on its 5th year, the Kannawidan Ylocos Festival had already established its identity as the prime festival of the province.

The festival was launched in under the leadership of then Governor Deogracias Victor B. Savellano to commemorate the th foundation day of Ilocos Sur as separate province through.

Check out these exclusive photos and observations from Kannawidan Festival street dancing Pages Home View All results for I would say this is Ilocos Sur's festival of all festivals. Each town has its festival to show. So basically, the festivals from all the participating towns were brought to Vigan to gather as a single festival.

This is a list of festivals in the Philippines, Kannawidan 'Ylocos' Festival: 27 January to 12 February Ilocos Sur: Dinagsa Ati-Atihan Festival Giving to thanks to the provincial patron of Ilocos Norte.

Miss Ilocos Norte is also. Kannawidan Ylocos Festival: Pride of the Ilocano Culture Ilocos Sur is a beautiful province located in the northern part of Luzon. It is a province rich in culture that represents the ancient Spanish and Filipino heritage. kannawidan festival Kannawidan is an Ilocano term which means a feast of rich heritage and culture.

The feast is in commemoration of the separation of the two provinces of Ilocos. Ilocos Sur celebrates Kannawidan Festival The province of Ilocos Sur has recently celebrated its Kannawidan Ylocos Festival.

This year marks the province’s rd year based on the Royal Decree dated February 2, separating Ilocos Sur from Ilocos .

Kannawidan the ilocos festivity
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