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I began sanding the box using 60 grit sandpaper taped on a flat piece of scrap wood. Since some of the buttons could not fit with the supports in the way, I had to make grooves in the supports for them to fit using a forstner bit.

Not only are miter joints good looking, but they make it easier to cut the rabbets for the panels. A limited to just ten units, it includes a mini-bar with Zappa whiskey glasses!

I sanded the sides down to grit. The basic dimensions were all cut using a rotary saw ran along clamped, guiding boards.

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I then sanded and fit the other two control panel layers into and between the rails. I positioned the layout even on the top MDF plate making sure the devices had room to fit nicely where they were positioned.

So the box would be sturdier, Idiot box added some dowel holes. Then buy a copy Idiot box I taped the top panel and main panel together with the desired layout set in the proper spot. I then glued them together with the 24mm in the middle and sanded them.

Cutting acrylic is very easy this way. I attached the bottom panel with screws through the rubber feet. Read more about it here or here. Butt joints are not a problem for this design because you can attach two opposing sides, sand them even with the core, then add the other sides.

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I taped together the oak sides so I could cut them identically in my table saw with a 45 degree bevel. I actually used the bit in my drill press, which was a bit awkward, but I got it to work. I let the lacquer sit for three days, then added some wax, and removed the masking tape.

It did not work very well on many attempts. Using a drill press, I made sure the mounting holes for the mounting plate were place precisely. Smaller supports shaped like the sides are attached to the sides.

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I planted my top panel on it with the film still covering it and taped it to the excess not double stick this time. I used plexiglass for the top layer since it does not scratch or collect dirt as easily; I used lexan on the bottom because it is more durable.

I put the top plate face down and went through it with a 24mm hole saw without a middle bit to make the holes for the top panel. We wish you the best and hope to hear from you in the future. Then I tried 45 degree cuts using the miter gauge to see how well the boards came together.

I then glued the side pieces on the supports using the proper spacing. I left a bit of a mess, but it works. Bumblebee Completed October The goal in this controller build was to make a compact, slanted joystick exploiting the small size of the Seimitsu LS I set the panel inside and put them all on a level surface and tightened the clamps.

Keep an eye on the Diary for dates. Drilling the top panels was not as easy.A good case of the Idiot Box is this; in the 70's many people wrote letters to the Navy and Coastguard telling them to go rescue Gilligan and the others off their island.

Once upon a time there was people who went to the Beverly Hills with their only goal to knock on the door of the mansion used in the Beverly Hillbillies show and ask for Jeb or Granny.

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[Added: 02 September ] · Here’s my review of Charles Ulrich’s mega-tome, The Big Note: A Guide To The Recordings Of Frank Zappa. [Added: 02 September ]. A collection of small shorts made in GMod, which could easily have gone into a GMod Idiot Box episode, but was made into its own short for one reason or another.

The New World, Part 9: Barbarians by Rich Burlew The New World, Part 8: Gnomes by Rich Burlew The New World, Part 7: Names and Cultures by.

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Plot. The story follows two fictional characters Mick and Kev who have nothing to offer. They are stereotypical bogans with a taste for cheap thrills. Kev's hobby is being angry, his motto is "Maximum fear, minimum time".He is unemployed with "attitude," an antagonistic manner.

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