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The film ends with the two whales, their calf, and the rest of the pod swimming away out to the open sea. With the help of a distraction by Jesse and Elvis, Willy manages to rescue his little brother.

The Adventure Home Photos View All Photos 6 Movie Info Two unlikely friends -- a boy and a killer whale -- are reunited under potentially dangerous circumstances in this sequel to the successful family adventure Free Willy.

Jesse Jason James Richter has finally found stability and contentment with his foster parents Glen and Annie Greenwood Michael Free willy 2 and Jayne Atkinsonbut he is confronted with a new emotional challenge when his birth mother a drug addict who abandoned him when he was young dies, and his troubled half brother Elvis Francis Capra comes to live with the Greenwoods.

Then an oil spill threatens the now-free killer whale Willy and his family. Despite the danger, the three whales are able swim under the flaming oil to safety.

Aboard just such a ship, the Botany Bay, Max Wesley, who is ten years old, takes his first trip to sea with his father, John, a whaler from a long line of whalers, and learns the true unlawful nature of the family business. Jesse cautiously begins to show his interest in Nadine, and as the awkward teenagers grow closer, Jesse helps Nadine befriend Willy and his orca siblings, Luna and Little Spot.

At the environmental instituteJesse reunites with his old Native American friend Randolph Johnson August Schellenberg whom Jesse met at the aquatic park when he met Willy.

Elvis gives Jesse an old picture of him and their mother, and explains that he once ripped it up out of anger, but taped it back together for him. Having followed the whales to ensure they got safely past the oil, Jesse, Nadine and Elvis fall into danger when they take their boat into another cove to avoid the flaming oil, hitting a rock and beginning to sink while the flames seal off the cove.

The Adventure Home instead utilized mechanical models and digital animation to bring "Willy" to life. Much of their dramatics takes place in the midst of an environmental inferno. Unless you count the real-life movement to release Keiko, the captive orca used in these movies.

Elvis tells Jesse that their mother always talked about him and that she felt bad about abandoning him. Jesse also tracks down and reunites with Willy.

But a much bigger problem is on the horizon when the safety of Willy, the killer whale he befriended and helped return to the wild, is threatened.

Free Willy 2 – The Adventure Home

A search and rescue helicopter is able to extract Elvis and Nadine safely, but Jesse slips out of the harness and falls back into the ocean. Emmet Walshattempts to capture Willie and put him back into captivity as a performing attraction.

Families can talk about how the children put themselves at risk.

Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home (1995)

However, an explosion on the tanker results in the crude oil in the water catching fire. Three kids are trapped on a boat, surrounded by oil-covered water that has caught fire. Jesse Jason James Richter is living happily with his foster parents until his troubled biological mom dies and half-brother Elvis becomes part of his family.

Add your rating See all 7 kid reviews. Jesse thanks him for the picture and hugs him, finally able to put his past at rest. How should kids handle deciding whether to take risks? Max manages to buy them a little time by jumping into the water and forcing the whalers to pause their pursuit of the whales to perform a "man overboard" rescue for Max, which gives Jesse and his two companions enough time to catch up.

Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home

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Free Willy 3: The Rescue is a family film directed by Sam Pillsbury, and starring Jason James Richter and August Schellenberg. Released by Warner Bros. Pictures under their Warner Bros. Family Entertainment banner, it is the third film in the Free Willy franchise, and the final installment of the original storyline.

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