Essay on health promotion in midwifery

The midwife has an important task in health counselling and education, not only for the woman, but also within the family and the community. Different health promotion models have been developed to enable a planned intervention to improve health.

At this point, regarding our clinical scenario, prevention was used when the benefits of breastfeeding, as well as the risk of bottle feed a baby since the first moment of life were explained to the client.

The WHO defines optimal breastfeeding as exclusive breastfeeding for six months, followed by continued breastfeeding with appropriate complementary feeding up to and beyond two years of age.

Breastfeeding plays a major role in public health, promoting health in both the short and long term for baby and mother. It has been demonstrated that interactive sessions in groups have a positive impact on long term breastfeeding compliance Dyson et al, I had to change it to make it make sense.

She expressed willingness to quit smoking but felt worried that she may not be able to completely give up as she tends to be drawn to smoke more when stressed and now that she is unemployed there is more time available for her to smoke.

She expressed to be well, no concerns regarding fetal movement noted, no abnormalities detected with other routine examination such as symphysis fundal height measure.

At the booking interview, which she attended with her boyfriend, she was considered by the midwife as low-risk because she had no previous social, medical or obstetric problems.

This includes peer support and access to a breast feeding specialist midwife. Tones and Tannahill model both mainly makes use of the medical and educational approach, this makes it difficult to address socioeconomic factors that have documented risk with smoking.

Effective support on the individual level means that all women should have access to infant and young child feeding supportive services. A resource for health professionals. As she identified her mother to be a smoker, information on how to reduce passive smoking was explained and relevant stop smoking service contact were given to help her mother.

Another point to address is that Sam appeared at the booking appointment not to have any information about the benefits of breastfeeding, and it was important to focus on giving the correct information to help her to make the best decision for her and her baby.

However, by doing this and promoting discussion, we enabled Sam to take her own decision and understood that whatever this was, we had to support it, even if we had a different opinion. As my clients issue is related to smoking and there is a socioeconomic factor present, it would be inapplicable to use these models of health promotion.

Partnership with woman is essential in achieving health promotion and maintaining government set public health targets. The benefits of stopping smoking to her health and that of the pregnancy outcome were highlighted, financial benefit was also explained.

Her partner is employed but on a low paid salary as a call centre operator. From her appointment with the smoking specialist, it was evident from documentation that improvement were being made in regards to the carbon monoxide readings as she had reduced the amount of cigarette smoked and was preparing to achieve a set date.

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It is also important to consider the role of the midwife within breastfeeding promotion. On several occasions she had searched for new employment with no success. In addition, the midwife reinforced all the information given to Sam with leaflets, guides and informative books, tailored to her when possible and aiming to reinforce the information provided NICE, Taking a critical view, it is clear that, in this case, the midwife and the student midwife provided the client with the correct support and appropriate information.

The prevention sphere of the model relies mainly on the medical approachBarnes suggest that medical approach could be perceived as a top down approach and that when providing health promotion intervention client involvement is necessary to help maintain individual focus client centred care.

Breastfeeding Promotion Essay Sample

She thought there was no difference between breast and formula milk, so she considered that formula milk feeding her future baby would be the most comfortable choice. The midwife and student midwife made the care of the client their first concern, treating her as an individual, respecting her dignity, and providing a high standard of practice and care at all times the code  Health Promotion By: Amanda February 9, Health Promotion Health promotion is illustrated as the science and art of helping people change their lifestyle to approach a state of optimal health (Edelman, Kudzma, & Mandle, ).

Health Promotion in Realtion to a Midwife Essay; Health Promotion in Realtion to a Midwife Essay. Words: the total opposite of empowerment, which is the core principle of midwifery Show More. Related Documents: Health Promotion in Realtion to a Midwife Essay Nutrition and Health Promotion Essay examples.

Nutrition and Mental. As midwives do not regard pregnancy and child-birth as states of ill-health, its validity in midwifery care must be questioned (Dunkley, a).

More about Health Promotion in Realtion to a Midwife Essay. Health Promotion Words | 7 Pages; Health Promotion Words | 5 Pages; Health Promotion.

Breastfeeding Promotion Essay Sample. This essay is focused on breastfeeding as a key public health issue in health promotion in midwifery practice.

Introduction. The purpose of this essay is to identify a public health issue with a woman I cared for in practice. Using a health promotion model to critically analyse the woman’s needs and outline the midwifery care given to address the issue. Health promotion is an essential part of a midwives responsibility; “the nature of health promotion work in midwifery is geared toward promoting the health of the mother and ensuring an optimum environment for mother and baby” (Dunkley, ).

Essay on health promotion in midwifery
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