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Devotees give the Zone diet praise for variety and ease of use, though others warn that the popular diet plan can feel restrictive and is light on certain nutrients.

There are a lot of problems posed by a lot if not all of these fad diets. Quick weight loss diets are not healthy, and the weight is likely to rebound when you begin eating normally again.

Low-carbohydrate diets are very straightforward. With an emphasis on heart-healthy fats — those containing unsaturated fats and omega-3 fatty acids — the diet is rich in seafood, nuts and legumes, fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and olive oil, as well as red wine in moderation. Here are some key factors to think about: Dieters follow a "" breakdown to help control insulin levels and hunger, getting 30 percent of their calories from protein, 30 percent from fat, and 40 percent from carbohydrates.

Whfoods, Bad fats must be avoided such as saturated fats. Though nutritionists praise the focus on fresh produce and avoidance of processed foods, many say the diet is lacking in nutrients and is difficult to sustain.

I tried out many "solutions" such as low carb, low protein, and crash diets. Are you limited by any health conditions? Anything lost in a week after 2lbs is just fluid being flushed out.

So I decided to go for the traditional way, I ate less and am more active to burn bad fats. Do you like to diet alone? As mentioned by McKittrick, it is fats you want to lose and not water. Essay on fad diets you need diet support from a group?

Not knowing the bad effects of these fad diets, dieters continue to use the diets without realizing it is making them look good but damaging their bodies already. Is it because they want to look good or to live a long and healthy life?

Thinkstock South Beach Diet Helps Control Hunger Designed by a Florida-based cardiologist, Arthur Agatston, MD, who wanted to protect his patients from serious medical conditions like heart disease and diabetesthe South Beach diet is one of the popular diets that stresses the importance of controlling hunger by eating before it strikes.

Thinkstock The Mediterranean Diet Emphasizes Heart-Healthy Fats If a dinner of fish and veggies with a glass of red wine sounds like an ideal meal to you, you may have found your diet match in the Mediterranean diet.

While the first phase of the diet is strict, the third, "Maintenance," phase is meant to be a lifelong eating plan that allows you to enjoy occasional treats while maintaining a healthy weight. WebMD, The next commonly used diet is low-fat diet. Start by talking to your doctor. Do you like to go to diet support group meetings?

This is what fad diets offer to the people, quick and fast solutions. Low-carb, high-protein, or liquid diet?

One disadvantage is if you go on diets such as low-carb diets, it is a short cut and you might end up gaining all that weight back. Though the high level of flexibility and temptation can be difficult for some, Weight Watchers has had a great track record of success for more than 40 years and remains one of the most popular diets today.

I realized I should be doing it for my health and not my image. Your primary care physician can review any health conditions you have and medications you are taking, and then give personal guidance for a diet that might work for you.

Yes these diets indeed made me slimmer in a short amount of time, however, there were side effects.

The 10 Most Famous Fad Diets of All Time

Perhaps try Volumetricswhich proposes that foods that contain more water, such as fruits and vegetables, are healthier because they have lower energy density than sugary and fatty foods. Have you ever dieted before? The diet uses a points system to track what you eat and provides motivation through local support meetings with weigh-ins or dieters can attend "virtual meetings" online.

A question, you, the readers will only be able to answer. It promotes whole foods over processed foods and encourages meditation and slowing down your lifestyle along with your eating habits. Eat a balanced diet, eat in moderation, and eat what you want.

Does your budget allow for special diet supplements? Thinkstock Nutrisystem Is Customized Just for You If you desire a diet where the thinking and planning is done for you, Nutrisystem may be for you. Whether you want to try the keto, paleo, Atkins or macrobiotic diets, your doctor can help you determine which one is best — and worst — for your body.

The foods commonly avoided are pasta, sugar, bread, and white rice, which are easily digested. Thinkstock The Raw Food Diet May Lack Healthy Nutrients Advocates of the raw food diet believe that cooking food and thereby breaking down its enzymes destroys many of its nutritional benefits.

WebMD, People may not think if the diets they follow are healthy which are formulated by celebrity who is known for their well-toned bodies. When it got to the point of not being able to get through a normal day, i decided to stop the diets. Do you like to have online support?Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Persuasive Essay On Fad Diets.

Dec 05,  · Fad Diets (Argumentative Essay) Many have been brought to the belief that fad diets are good for our bodies because it gives us the result we want in a very short amount of time.

I am also a victim of belief, back when I weighed pounds and with a height of 5'8, I was desperate to find a solution to my weight problem. Fad Diets essaysFad Diets: Are They a Safe Method of Losing Weight Fad diets are not a safe way to efficiently loss weight.

Obesity is something that has plagued the American culture for centuries.

Unlike many continents, we have an over abundance of food, and food that isn't healthy for tha. This is an article about fad diet plans that I found on a website called ivillage, Solutions for womeon.

This article was published in a issue of Good Housekeeping magazine. The title of the article is "America's Top 6 Fad Diets", it was written by Maura Rhodes.

The article tells abot the most /5(5). Fad Diets Missy Thoma DeVry University Fad Diets It’s the beginning of a new year again and you know what that means!

It means it is time to set new goals and resolutions. It means it is time to set new goals and resolutions.

Essay on Truth About FAD Diets and Weight Loss Pills Introduction FAD diets and weight loss pills promise fast weight loss. Although that sounds great these methods are the wrong choice: results are only short term, are extremely harmful to a person’s long-term health, and can ultimately cause more weight gain.

Essay on fad diets
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