Eleanor of aquitaine

Henry was by no means faithful to his wife and had a reputation for philandering. After several fraught years during which Eleanor sought an annulment and Louis faced increasing public criticism, they were eventually granted an annulment on the grounds of consanguinity being related by blood in and separated, their two daughters left in the custody of the king.

Inthe Archbishopric of Bourges became vacant, and the king put forward as a candidate one of his chancellors, Cadurc, while vetoing the one suitable candidate, Pierre de la Chatrewho was promptly elected by the canons of Bourges and consecrated by the Pope.

Christmas was celebrated at the royal court there, and she appears to have Eleanor of aquitaine to a separation from Henry. Such disobedience was reportedly common.

Eleanor of Aquitaine (c.1122 – 1204)

Those who tried to escape were caught and killed. All that can be said is that her court at Poitiers was most likely a catalyst for the increased popularity of courtly love literature in the Western European regions.

Instead, he attempted to reconcile Eleanor and Louis, confirming the legality of their marriage. Yet the existence and reasons for this court are debated. He had met her in and had begun their liaison insupposedly contemplating divorce from Eleanor. Louis and Eleanor stayed in the Philopation palace just outside the city walls.

The royal couple had 8 children, five sons and three daughters. John Speed, in his work History of Great Britain, mentions the possibility that Eleanor had a son named Philip, who died young.

But that apparently was her final curtain call.

Eleanor of Aquitaine

Crusade[ edit ] Eleanor of Aquitaine also formally took up the cross symbolic of the Second Crusade during a sermon preached by Bernard of Clairvaux. The king of France, known as Louis the Fat, was also gravely ill at that time, suffering from a bout of dysentery from which he appeared unlikely to recover.

The duke then set out for the Shrine of Saint James of Compostela in the company of other pilgrims.

Her tomb effigy shows her reading a Bible and is decorated with magnificent jewelry. Hugues de Toucy, archbishop of Senspresided, and Louis and Eleanor were both present, as were the archbishop of Bordeaux and Rouen.

On 18 May Whit Sundayeight weeks after her annulment, Eleanor married Henry "without the pomp and ceremony that befitted their rank. This is the only surviving artifact known to have belonged to Eleanor. She died in at the age of Eleanor recruited some of her royal ladies-in-waiting for the campaign as well as non-noble Aquitainian vassals.

Annulment[ edit ] Even before the Crusade, Eleanor and Louis were becoming estranged, and their differences were only exacerbated while they were abroad. Home, however, was not easily reached.

The Pope, recalling similar attempts by William X to exile supporters of Innocent from Poitou and replace them with priests loyal to himself, blamed Eleanor, saying that Louis was only a child and should be taught manners.

He fled to Paris. On 11 Marchthey met at the royal castle of Beaugency to dissolve the marriage. Her seal of c.

Eleanor had only two daughters by Louis VII; to her new husband she bore five sons and three daughters. Henry fathered other, illegitimate children throughout the marriage.

A bitter feud arose between the king and Thomas Becketinitially his chancellor and closest adviser and later the archbishop of Canterbury."Eleanor of Aquitaine was without a doubt the most colorful woman of her time, considered by many to have been the most powerful and enlightened woman of her age.

Eleanor was the elder daughter of William, tenth Duke of Aquitaine. The exact date of her birth is unknown, but she was raised in one of Europe's most cultured courts and given an excellent.

Eleanor of Aquitaine, queen of France and England through marriages and Aquitaine ruler in her own right, was one of history's most powerful women. Eleanor of Aquitaine () was one of the most powerful and influential figures of the Middle Ages.

Inheriting a vast estate at the age of. Eleanor of Aquitaine was one of the most powerful and fascinating personalities of feudal Europe. At age 15 she married Louis VII, King of France, bringing into the union her vast possessions from the River Loire to the Pyrenees. Eleanor Of Aquitaine () was a major figure in the middle ages and a prominent figure in women's history.

Born the Duchess of Aquitaine, she would eventually become Queen of England.

Eleanor of aquitaine
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