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He or she is considered an expert in the practice of cutting and fixing the hair. A properly done procedure does not allow the client to feel any pain of hair being plucked out.

In some few states, certain number of years of apprenticeship can serve in place of a diploma obtained from graduating in a formal education in school.

Cosmetology Essay

You should also feel good about yourself after a major accomplishment. Similar cosmetics were used throughout the centuries, developing on lines not very different from those employed today.

It is good to note that only needle-type electrolysis is the only procedure for hair removal that is approved by the FDA to claim permanent results. Wilkinson, JB et al. The training program also include educating the students concerning proper care and sanitation of instruments, hygienic practices, chemistry, and distinguishing skin problems that can simply be treated within the scope of the profession from skin ailments that should only be treated by a physician.

Estheticians execute treatments specifically for the skin such as facials, hair removal in different parts of the body, as well as performing body massage. Beauty salons are already out in the open, but have been practiced secretly even during the Taliban regime.

The application of different colors or highlighting of the hair, and adding length through hair extensions are some areas of cosmetology that requires skills that must be learned and specialized.

A person would assume that a career in cosmetology would be only natural, right? In some isolated cases, certain States have an agreement which allows licensed cosmetologists and hair stylists to practice their profession outside the state from which they have obtained their license.

The earning comes through availing a space for the salon services. Media and the advertising business had contributed to the burgeoning growth of the many aspects involved in its use and application.

Usually when they start beginners, they will start them with just shampooing, after a while you can do everything.

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Evidence of the use of eye makeup and aromatic ointments has been found in Egyptian tombs dating to B. Similarly, a structured field for the growing interest on creating a good or impressive outward appearance is its proper and skillful application, now part of the scope of cosmetology, and which has now opened greater opportunities for a variety of practices today.

As a cosmetologist you usually would work a full work day. Through these connections, I was able to gain employment and am working towards becoming a platform artist for Christian Dior. In such arrangements, it is often the responsibility of the salon to pay the overhead expenses.

Today, significant technical developments that form the basis of the modern cosmetics industry and related professions have made use of innovations to cater to the desires of its clients Cosmetics: Career Outlook Future opportunities are projected to be considerably good.

The scope of cosmetology today has enlarged and now includes hair removal in different parts of the body or doing facials. Growth in demand for such services can be due to sheer rise in population and increased financial capabilities of clientele.

I scheduled an appointment to meet with admissions the next day and within a month, I started classes. Aside from knowing to apply the basic skills, it is also important that those servicing on personal appearance should also possess a good understanding of art, fashion, and technical design.

For those who are preparing to run their own salons or their own line of cosmetic products, business acumen is needed. The use of nail lacquer is primarily used to enhance appearance; however, it also provides protection of the nails. Whereas the former is temporary, electrolysis is lasting.

Even less developed civilizations also applied the cosmetic art; facial decoration has been associated with both magic and war in cultures as far removed geographically as that of the North American Indian and the indigenous African.

You get a lot of experience in the vocational school, but some shops still require some experience in a salon, but some will start beginners.If you need a custom term paper on Persuasive Essays: Cosmetology, you can hire a professional writer here to write you a high quality authentic essay.

While free essays can be traced by Turnitin (plagiarism detection program), our custom written essays will pass any plagiarism test. Cosmetology is a career I am really interested in.

From research on the Internet and some books, I found the information I needed to know before making any serious decision about becoming a cosmetologist/5(2). The practice of cosmetology nowadays embraces a wide scope; therefore there is a growing trend to specialize in specific areas to be able to fully satisfy customers.

At present, a person interested in pursuing a career in this field, has a variety of specialized areas to choose from. Opening Essay- Why I chose Cosmetology as my pathway I grew up around family members that would have a career in cosmetology such as hairstylists or hairdressers, and nail technicians.

By far, one of my biggest motivation to join this pathway was the memory of my aunt. Cosmetology Cosmetology is a challenging career that combines, public service, chemistry and artistry.

There are many careers in world. Choosing one is hard if you don’t know what you want to become, but with this essay I will help you see if you are interested in cosmetology.

Why I Chose Cosmetology School

Skills and Career Pathways in Hair Styling Abstract There is a wealth of opportunities for students interested in cosmetology, and specifically those interested in hair.

There are career opportunities for people interested in the science, the health, and the aesthetics of .

Cosmetology career essays
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