Cellphones can do more harm than

Cell phones are good devices not only because they are helpful for communication and dangerous situations, but because they are helpful in classrooms. Moreover, it was clearly stated in the previous arguments formed that the usefulness and harm of the mobile phone is determined by its use.

I would like to thank you for accepting this debate, if you do not, nevermind. And from the statistics of the uses of mobile phone, this is obviously negative.

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This results in the reason why most people find the smartphone to be useful. Now, for my arguments.

I believe not many would fancy flipping the pages to find the matching alphabet. Obviously, students are not paying attention during the time where they are supposed to be learning. Most people cannot resist the urge to use their phone.

They are important and convenient, making our lives much easier. I therefore come to the conclusion that if both dictionaries give the same information or an explanation for Cellphones can do more harm than particular word by just typing a few alphabets, it is understanding enough to say the online dictionary is more considerable.

I believe only a small amount of rebellious pupils are willing to take the risk.

As such, the usefulness of accessibility to the Internet is minimum. First of allI personally felt that the responsibility lies more in her hand. Cell phones may serve an educational purpose, however the other uses of cell phones that become available when cell phones are allowed into class rooms will be very distracting.

Since jotting down notes are more efficient and cheaper than mobile phones, it can be seen that the mobile phone is less useful than jotting down notes by a large extent.

The incident is a unpleasant one. Examples of the cons of phone will be stated shortly. Of course, it is also fair to say that some use tablets and few use laptops. Report this Argument Pro Hello again, you have raised some very interesting points.

They are important and convenient, making our lives much easier. Therefore, cyber bullying is significant. Even if that is so, how many students will actually follow their instructions?

I looked through what opponent had pointed out regarding about addictions. While this seems like it can"t be resolved, one could plays a small part.

The statements of online teens cannot be taken into consideration. Cyber bullying is pretty common nowadays. Liz Ritter Hall said that cell phones have the capability to become the "Swiss army knife" for student research and organization. Unfortunately, cases of cyber-bullying have been increasing and people are normally over-sensitive on the internet.

Additionally, cell phones have been argued to be distractions on the road. Although there is a slight environmental damage issue that cell phones have created, the problem is being quickly turned around by informing people about electronic recycling.

Another study done by pewresearch. If one looked in app store in one"s phone, online dictionaries namely Dictionary.

For the last point, the internet had provided information regarding about ISIS although it had been recruiting members for the killing. Also, when parents are out with their children or their children are out by themselves, their parents can contact them at any time to ask where they are.

From the source my opponent had given, searchenginewatch. People don"t normally take back what they said because they think that no one actually knows them. Let us take note that this is only in the social media Facebook and that the victims here are only inclusive of children.

I would also like bring up another issue from the source given above. Data shows that around 10 percent of accidents are due to a distraction driver.

This causes people to dispose of their cell phones in the trash.Religious and Faith Can Do more Good than Harm in Society Words | 6 Pages Religious and faithful acts can surely spark engagement and understanding in society when used the right way.

Since cell phones can connect children to their friends and the Internet, they can take away from study or homework time. Now while this may indeed seem like cell phones are doing more harm than good, lets look at the good side.

More than 12, people had been detained by police for selling flour on the black market, facts that helped to swell the outrage. Many of the protesters were also armed with cell phones, which they used to take photos and text messages.

Desiree Wheeler Eng Argumentative Essay April 4, Argumentative Essay - “Does Facebook do more harm than good?” Many people use Facebook in their everyday lives. Facebook has great benefits such as: making new friends, meeting old friends, and staying in touch with family members who live far away.

Not having a cell phone is saving quiet a bit of money, money that you could be using on necessities like food, shelter and clothes. rage3d Cell phones can be useful in emergency situations, for learning and for games.

All in all though, cell phones do more harm than they do good. If cell phones can be useful and educational in class rooms, they are obviously helping and doing more good than they are harm. Cell phone also serve a purpose for people to understand each other better through social media apps like Instagram, Facebook,Twitter etc.

Social media apps allows people to share the moments in their life by pictures and .

Cellphones can do more harm than
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