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The postcard craze between and was particularly popular among rural and small-town women in Northern U. British cards were first divided in and American cards in A typical "saucy" postcard by Donald McGill InBritish publishers were given permission by the Royal Mail to manufacture and distribute picture postcards, which could be sent through the post.

The main target of their campaign was the postcard artist Donald McGill. Original postcards are now highly sought after, and rare examples can command high prices at auction.

Postcard by Takehisa YumejiIn Japan, official postcards have one side dedicated exclusively to the address, and the other side for the content, though commemorative picture postcards and private picture postcards also exist.

Post Card is a standard rectangular form of a paper for public postings. Early history of postcards[ edit ] The claimed first printed picture postcard. Due to the inexpensive production and bright realistic images they became popular. In the more liberal s, the saucy postcard was revived and later came to be considered, by some, as an art form.

Cards with messages had been sporadically created and posted by individuals since the beginning of postal services. Inmore than million postcards were mailed.

Some countries might refuse to handle postcards containing sexual references in seaside postcards or images of full or partial nudity for instance, in images of classical statuary or paintings.

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In Japan today, two particular idiosyncratic postcard customs exist: Advertising postcard Specialist marketing companies in many countries produce and distribute advertising postcards which are available for free.

Such cards are also respected as important documents of social historyand have been influential on the work of Martin Parr. But it was Curt Teich who finally solved the problem by embossing paper with a linen texture before printing.

In the early s, the newly elected Conservative government were concerned at the apparent deterioration of morals in Britain and decided on a crackdown on these postcards. The "white border" era, named for borders around the picture area, lasted from about to These cards had to be labeled "Private Mailing Cards".

Textured papers for postcards had been manufactured ever since the turn of the century.

Britain's oldest postcard publishers in Kent is closing

The card design featured a large letter spelling of a state or place with smaller photos inside the letters. The establishment of a large postal system spanning India resulted in unprecedented postal access: In Britainpostcards without images were issued by the Post Office inand were printed with a stamp as part of the design, which was included in the price of purchase.

It was originally thought that the first UK postcards were produced by printing firm Stewarts of Edinburgh but later research published in Picture Postcard Monthly inhas shown that the first GB picture card was published by ETW Dennis of Scarborough.

In Japan, official postcards were introduced in Decembershortly after stamps were introduced to Japan.

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Art Nouveau Artistic style of the turn of the century, characterized by flowing lines and flowery symbols, yet often depicting impressionist more than representational art. These cards had no images.

A postcard from New York

Conlie was a training camp for soldiers in the Franco-Prussian war. A partial solution was to combine these dyes with petroleum distillates, leading to faster drying heatset inks. Austrian postcard from Image of the Christopher Columbus taken circa The last and current postcard era, which began aboutis the "chrome" era, however these types of cards did not begin to dominate until about Vector card at the location on the front side; on the reverse side.

The best-known saucy seaside postcards were created by a publishing company called Bamforthsbased in the town of HolmfirthWest YorkshireEngland.

With steam locomotives providing fast and affordable travel, the seaside became a popular tourist destination, and generated its own souvenir-industry. These cards came in two sizes.

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One of the better known linen era postcard manufacturers was Curt Teich and Company, who first produced the immensely popular "large letter linen" postcards among many others. Contemporary postcards[ edit ] A tinted black-and-white image that has had colored tint added souvenir card.

The rag content in the card stock allowed a much more colorful and vibrant image to be printed than the earlier "white border" style.A postcard or post card is a rectangular piece of thick paper or thin cardboard intended for writing and mailing without an other than rectangular may also be used.

There are novelty exceptions, such as wood postcards, made of thin wood, and copper postcards sold in the Copper Country of the U.S. state of Michigan, and. BBC replace rape scene from original Poldark books with a passionate clinch with his ex 'in a bid to keep the character a hero' Season two of BBC series Poldark will not feature rape scene from books.

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Bbc write a postcard game
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