An analysis of grandpa max

Toys 4 inch Alien Collection Max Tennyson Alien Force Possible Future By the age of 80, Max has further modified his RV, grown a beard, and replaced one of his arms with a ken 10 future ben future cybernetic prosthetic.

It is mistakenly activated by a Highbreed Officer, who was unaware that the Highbreed has called-off the war.

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Max appeared to have been killed in the blast, but was instead sent to the Null Void episode: During the episode he meets his old partner Phil. At the end he takes on the Plumber kids who fought with Ben as his apprentices. He and the Plumber Kids also appear in the two part episode Vengeance of Vilgax.

While studying the alien chips, one escapes and infects Max.

Grandpa Max

In the episode If All Else Fails, it is revealed that the Highbreed had infected him with a dormant seed which was part of a failsafe plan of the Highbreed.

It is eventually revealed that Max and the alien warlord Vilgax are ultra grandpa old enemies. His grandson uses the watch to become the superhero Ben An earlier theory suggested that the hologram might have been that of a DNAlien who wanted to keep Ben out of their business, but instead made a big mistake.

Max aids Gwen in trying to stop the ship from crashing into Bellwood. He has since appeared in the two-part episode War of the Worlds to aid Ben in his battle with the Highbreed along with the "Plumber Helpers". Alien Force, Max looks mostly the same, save for more wrinkles and a darker red shirt with whiter hair.

Voidedwhere he, calling himself "The Wrench", fought Dr. Alien Swarm Edit In the movie Ben However he is injured while protect his daughter-in-law, Sandra Tennyson from Sevenseven and is forced to inform Ben and his team of the problem.

He later apologizes to Victor for not trusting him and allows Victor rejoin the Plumbers, along with his daughter, Elena. When Kevin returns to his human form, Max states that the Omnitrix now destroyed kept him in his mutated form.

They discover that Max mistakenly believed that Validus was stealing the tech, when in reality he was just studying the alien tech, which Validus in alien swarm believe to be an alien race called the Hive. Ultimate Alien Edit Max has grown his full potential in him and more wisely than any other series.

An image of a DNAlien flickers at the end of the transmission. Ben and Elena eventually convince Max that Validus was right about the alien chips.

In the episode Max Out, Max destroys a Xenocyte hatchery by detonating a Null Void Projector, which- after removing its focusing lens- makes a "pretty good imitation of a hand grenade" and produces an explosion that covers over half a mile wide. He discovers Phil stole the Null Void Projector, using it to make easy money, by freeing the aliens who the Plumbers had already captured, then fighting and catching them for profit.

It is later revealed that he did in fact go into space In the episode The Return, it was revealed that Max had been an astronaut and would have been the first man on the moon, but left the program before the Apollo Moon mission.

Ben 10 Edit Grandpa Max is a Plumber, who takes his grandchildren Ben and Gwen on a cross-country trip, during which Ben discovers an alien watch, the Omnitrix.

Further in the future now 92he has lost much of his weight due to his age and a steady diet of futuristic health food, but this is non-canon.

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Animo, who was calling himself "DeVoid". The message was probably in alien force in code, telling Ben to put on the Omnitrix once more.

An analysis of grandpa max

Gwen and Kevin later discover a video of Validus being interogated by Max. Azmuth brings him along side with Ben and his team to Galvan Mark II, where Max is placed in a tube that would repair his nervous system after a few weeks.

Max becomes a slave to the Hive, but is freed after Ben destroy the Hive Queen who had infected Validus. Obviously because Ben has the Ultimatrix, the new version Azmuth created. In the episode, Ben 10 Returns, he leaves a transmission for Ben stating that he is investigating renewed alien activity on Earth and claims that he has the Omnitrix.

Max Tennyson

In the episode Truth, Max reveals he is part of inter-galactic police force known as The Plumbers and that he had fought and defeat Vilgax years before. They manage to defeat Ben, but the battle had caused the spacestation to fall out of orbit towards the city of London.

Alien Force Edit In Ben Maxwell "Max" Tennyson is the future version of Max Tennyson. Max wears the same shirt as Max Tennyson and blue pants with yellow lines down the side. He has a beard and a slight mustache.

He also has a robotic arm that can turn into a laser 80 (Ben 10,), 92 (Ken 10), 96 (The End of an Era). Maxwell "Max" Tennyson, or Grandpa Max as his grandchildren call him, is the paternal grandfather of cousins Ben Tennyson and Gwen Tennyson.

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An analysis of grandpa max
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