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This is in so far necessary to make the viewer believe that Lester is really dead, a sort of convincing functions. The sequence with a plastic bag flying with the wind, dancing in the air, the most enchanting object Ricky has filmed was featured in the final scene as well, reinforcing the beauty.

Still unknown right now is who the murderer was.


Admiring the photograph, Lester whispers: The acts are performed by the actors who play their roles to portray the events and the though provoking message related to them. The main reason for such films is not merely providing entertainment to the watchers but to deliver them a strong message by attracting them and provoking their thoughts.

The core issue of the picture is disclosed, and the viewers start to make a connection with the considerations and sentiments of the leading characters of the The final scene starts with the protagonist -the main character- Lester Burnham, portrayed by Kevin Spacey, who is setting in the kitchen and was shot.

The Aristotelian theory of a tragedy - saying in a classical drama consisting of five acts, the first act used to be an exposition introducing the protagonists, where it take place, when does it take place, so the factor time and particularly the conflict; the second used to be an augmentation of the conflict, adding more tension; the third, also called as peripety is climax-like and the conflict achieves at the highest level and prepares for falling again; the fourth act, a so called retardation, the conflict does not end rapidly, but hesitantly, the tension decreases and finally the fifth act used either to be a happy end or a catastrophe - is here fully applicable: Many films show the struggles, suffers and agonies of real-life events.

Critical Analysis Of American Beauty

Shortly after, Lester starting his closing narration: Preview Statement American beauty is a movie that has openly discussed some of the major issues for crisis within many families of US.

Besides, the red roses on the table should not to be ignored. She wanted to kill Lester, too, but she obviously arrives too late.

Discussion American beauty analysis The first segment of the picture of American Beauty presents the fundamental players and layouts their qualities through a progression of enlightening interactions. A second later, a loud gunshot can be heard and one sees red blood spatters on the wall hesitantly flowing down.

Without noticing that, Lester slowly turns the photograph down. So, the function of the final scene serves the role of the fifth act according to Aristotle.

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And yellow leaves from the maple trees that lined our street. Ricky and Jane walk down the stairs and enter the kitchen. Though the facts and the events bare not reflected as real as they are in real in these films however, they achieve the attention of the people and the decision makers including government.

For me, it was lying on my back at Boy Scout Camp, watching falling stars.Thesis statement American Beauty accomplishes the goal in elaborating the concept of Happiness that is pleasant to a majority of its audience along with the bitter fact that the American society also possesses pedophilic adult, the dishonesty of living materialistically, and the domination in sexuality that are the symptom and causes for America's well.

American Beauty American Beauty is a movie that exposes preconceived notions about living in suburban America.

American Beauty (1999)

This movie also becomes a commentary on the human condition while exposing the raw truth of a dysfunctional family. The Burnhams Lester, Carolyn, and Jane start out as the typical middle-class American family. THE RHETORIC OF AMERICAN BEAUTY: A VALUE ANALYSIS A Thesis Presented to The Graduate Faculty of The University of Akron In Partial Fulfillment.

- American Beauty (, Sam Mendes) is the gruesome but realistic story of a family living in a seemingly perfect suburbia.

Lester Burnham, a father who is falling out of love with his wife, Carolyn Burnham, struggles to maintain a relationship with his family and despises his work.

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American Beauty - an analysis

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You have not proposed an original suggestion about beauty or the standards of Resolved.

American beauty thesis statement
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