Advantages dowry system

Rather, the masses are the ones who hold the concentrate to eliminate the dowry system. Disadvantages of paper based communication: To eradicate this evil, we need to learn and educate others about the ill-effects of it and it can be achieved by providing equal rights to both genders.

Figures like Satya Rani Chadha and Shahjahan Apa both of whom who had lost their daughters in abetted dowry killing, continued their crusade against the dowry system, establishing shelters for women tortured for dowry. Disadvantages of parliamentary system? Social Issues in India causes, effects and solutions This curse of Dowry System must be eradicated forth with at any cost.

Raises the status of women in family: Further some girls, who remain unmarried due to dowry system, take decision to carry on illegal sexual relations in order to satisfy their sexual urge and there by pollute the whole society.

Dowry system has been a part of the society since time eternal. It should monitor the sentiments of the community and ensure that no dowry exchange exercises are carried out.

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MERGE exists and is an alternate of. Being widely practiced across the nation, every other family faces the brunt of it. In our Indian society there are numerous problems like superstitions, illiteracy, cast system and dowry system, etc.

The Government of our nation has drafted several legislation to counteract the dowry system. At the beginning it was voluntary, but later on the social pressure was such that very few could escape from it.

What is a dowry?

Generally they include cash, jewellery, electrical appliances, furniture, bedding, crockery, utensils and other household items that help the newly-wed set up her home. An essay on dowry system?

The practice of dowry is world wide. Dowry is thus a great impediment in the progress of education of girls and girls being deprived of higher education are unable to raise their status. The one resposible for dowry is the greed of of money among in the people.

If night auditing is missed one day there might be a a havoc the next day. They undertake unsocial activities like smuggling or earn by unfair means. In and several arrests were made over registration of dowry harassment reports.

Rather, it is a deep-vested, mass effort to bring the platter for every individual. In itself, National Crime Records Bureau reported of over bride deaths over harassment on the dowry issue by the in-laws.

It is surprising that even in these days of the 21th century, we are still drowned in the dark depth of these evils.Dowry system can be referred to as giving of money or certain gifts to the bride or groom on behalf of the family in exchange for marriage.

Dowry system varies in various societies. For instance, the Indian society requires that the family of. The advantages of dowry system in India are mainly towards thegroomâ??s family.

The family of the groom gets some financialsupport and. Disadvantages of Dowry System Spreading of prostitution Parents who blessed by girls, if they are below the poverty line, or middle class, they severely suffer due to dowry system dominated among Muslim community/5(2).

The advantages of dowry system in India are mainly towards thegroomâ??s family. The family of the groom gets some financialsupport and monetary gains from the bride. Dowry system was designed to give a share of paternal wealth to the girl in her departure to her husband's home.

At that time, it was rare for a girl to see her biological family again. It was called as stree dhan (wealth of woman). Advantages of Dowry System in India Though the practice of dowry is publicly condemned, legally banned and morally despised of in practice it still persists as some of the supporters of this system argue that this practice has its advantages.

Advantages dowry system
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