A review of john cheevers short story the five forty eight

She invited Blake to her apartment where they had a drink and then had sex. At the station Blake buys a newspaper and then boards his train and finds his seat. In essence, the reader is getting a very standard scene here. Compton was sitting calmly with her hands folded in her lap.

Along with his own views he also adds in an article written by Charles Baxter who is a writer and also teaches at the University of Minnesota. The story also demonstrates the idea of men depreciating the value of woman workers.

He remembered the unburied dead he had seen in the war. He tried to summon the calculated self-deceptions with which he sometimes cheered himself, but he was left without any energy for hope or self-deception. Wronged by a terribly selfish man, she takes him Blake on a commute home from the office that he will never forget.

Summary[ edit ] The story begins with Blake exiting an elevator in the building where he works in New York City. He felt the muzzle against his belly. Characters[ edit ] Blake - The central character of the story. He quickly begins walking again, now wondering if the woman means to do him harm in some way.

‘The Five-Forty-Eight’ by John Cheever

On a rainy day, Blake has a feeling that he is being followed, as he tries to catch the express, or the 5: The poetry seems to be affecting the characters as the story happens. First he writes about when Blake was walking in downtown Manhattan and turns to see a plate of glass.

He immediately spots a woman in the crowd outside the elevator, an old acquaintance, and is troubled by it. We gather that from the sentence- - When he put back his clothes she was weeping… I guess that it is in order to deduce from this affirmation that a close encounter of the third kind took place.

The Five-Forty-Eight Summary

But, Blake saw his own reflection in the plate glass. The next day Blake waited until she was out for lunch and then called personnel and asked them to fire her.

Miss Dent begins to explain how he she tried to contact Blake, but begins to ramble somewhat incoherently. The memory came in a rush: Cheever is successful in making Blake come off as the typical male stereotype by giving the reader clear evidence that he has very little remorse for his actions taken against Miss Dent.

As he drinks his beer, he reflects on his relationship with the woman, and the reader is introduced to the backstory behind the mysterious woman.

Her name is Miss Dent and what I can say in her favor is The Five Forty Eight by John Cheever Formidable story, 10 out of 10 After a short story with a long, strange sounding name- The Day the Pig Fell into the Well- I have read one with a much drier, restrained title The 5 48 refers to a train where most of the tense action takes place, with a kidnapping and a sort of payback involved.

Blake begins to feel uncomfortable and attempts to leave to another train car. Middle-aged man, works in Manhattan, bored with his wife, controlling as a father, rude to his neighbors, highly judgmental of all those around him. Watkins, neither of whom Blake cares much for. Then Miss Dent, having fulfilled her revenge, explains that she can now wash her hands of Blake.

But also Blake is the heel between Miss Dent and her happiness. She then urges Blake to read a letter she has prepared for him. What follows seems to be a lesson in business ethics, with one simple rule that we all knew and some did not apply - Do not mix business relationships with intimate ones, shorter- do not mix business with pleasure- I guess Alas, the next day, the boss calls personnel to have the woman working for him fired and with that calling upon him a divine punishment.

Miss Dent takes a seat next to Blake and they begin making small-talk. In this story, Cheever takes his middle-class realism and adds an even wilder card than sci-fi; he adds a mentally unstable woman. He looks up to see it is the woman from before. Coming back to the story, apart from the tension of having someone following a person with very probable mischievous intent, there are funny moments.John Cheever was an award winning American author of the twentieth century.

Cheever’s short story entitled “The Five-Forty-Eight” portrays a struggle of good vs. evil. In Cheever’s short story, he examines the themes of sin, deception, and redemption, as the reader sees the story of a young.

“The Five-Forty-Eight” is a short story written by John Cheever that was originally published in the April 10, issue of The New Yorker and later collected in The Stories of John Cheever.

This story takes place in downtown Manhattan, New York City, where the protagonist (Blake), attempts to escape his former employee (Miss Dent), who was.

Aug 17,  · At or near the top of each review, a link is provided to the Web page where the work can be purchased on the Powell's Books Web site. The site receives a small percentage of the price of each item purchased from Powell's after following the link. John Cheever’s “The Five-Forty- Eight” explores how actions have consequences through his portrayal of the character Blake.

Blake is introduced in the story as a heartless, selfish, and immoral man who is the victim of a stalking by an obviously upset woman.

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The Five Forty Eight by John Cheever Formidable story, 10 out of 10 After a short story with a long, strange sounding name- The Day the Pig Fell into the Well- I have read one with a much drier, restrained title/5.

A review of john cheevers short story the five forty eight
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