A look at the life and times of american regionalist painter grant wood

His subject matter mostly focused on working-class America, while incorporating social criticism. Art Institute of Chicago, Artists, Years: Grant Wood, Spring in Town, At the time, the United States was still a heavily agricultural nation, with a much smaller portion of its population living in industrial cities such as New York City or Chicago.

Regionalism[ edit ] Wood is associated with the American movement of Regionalismwhich was primarily situated in the Midwest, and advanced figurative painting of rural American themes in an aggressive rejection of European abstraction.

Ultimately, this led to abstract expressionism winning out the title of American Modernism, and becoming the new prominent and popular artistic movement.

Draped over her head is a blue mourning veil, her floating body surrounded by clouds. It is important to understand he was using the farm life of the past for his inspiration and ideas.

Grant Wood

In her right hand, she holds the palm branch of peace; in her left, the laurel wreath of victory. This now renowned studio situated at No. Iowa artist Grant Wood was paid to help decorate the mortuary at that time In between his European trips Wood was still working in Cedar Rapids.

To make the building financially viable, a new city hall was incorporated into the plans. A petition to construct a memorial building was filed with the City Clerk on March 4, As I said, potent stuff. Barry In between his European trips Wood was still working in Cedar Rapids and in Wood was doing some interior decorating for David Turner of Turner Mortuary and Turner offered Grant the use of the carriage house behind the mortuary as a studio for his artwork.

There he spotted a little wood farmhouse, with a single oversized window, made in a style called Carpenter Gothic. He found inspiration in a Carpenter Gothic -style farm house in Eldon, Iowaand used his dentist and sister as models for the people. American Gothic and Other Fables. His mother moved the family to Cedar Rapidsafter his father died in Looking at some of these landscapes, I could believe that they were influenced by some of my heroes such as Thomas Hart Benton and Grant Wood even though I know that this is impossible because of their age.

He became a great proponent of regionalism in the arts, [5] lecturing throughout the country on the topic. All of that seemed impossible to believe when I first saw his work.

By the s, Regionalism and Social Realism were placed on the same side of the debate as American Scene Painting, leaving only two camps, that were divided geographically and politically.

A farmhouse stands erect behind them, mirroring their rigid postures. Perhaps most jarring is the juxtaposition of the title and the ladies pictured. Solemnly standing at the base of the window are six life sized figures of private soldiers wearing the uniform of Private, representing the wars from left to right: From Wood served in the U.

The technique used by Wood in this painting is a kind of Seurat-like pointillism. American Scene Painting was promoted by conservative, anti-Modernist critics such as Thomas Cravenwho saw it as a way to defeat the influence of abstraction arriving from Europe.

About This Artwork

It was unlike anything I had seen from that era. Life for the Grant family had suddenly changed from the rural idyll of Anamosa to the urban life of Cedar Rapids. I wondered if some of the more modern painters had come across his work or if his work was merely a similar artistic evolution, just earlier, isolated in time.

They peer out of the painting, waiting only to be recognized for their inherited glory; they are not unlike purebred animals. Art Institute of Chicago. American Gothic has mesmerized viewers since Wood, a native of Iowa, painted it in He remained in Chicago for three years but in he had to return home to Cedar Rapids when he heard the news that his mother had fallen ill and was having financial problems.

After returning to Cedar Rapids, he drew the house and its imagined inhabitants, a farmer and a woman—either his daughter or his wife. The United States was suffering under the weight of the Great Depression, and many Americans longed for a simpler time, free from the greed they believed sparked the recent stock market crash.

Louis, Missouri was awarded the bid to make the glass for the window. The structure has been the home of John R.

The young Grant Wood during the time he lived on the family farm Grant Wood was born on February 13th Mar 15,  · It probably didn’t help Grant Wood’s artistic development that he became an overnight sensation in Octoberwhen his painting “American Gothic,” an ode to the Midwestern farming life.

Much of American Scene Painting conveys a sense of nationalism and romanticism in depictions of everyday American life. Regionalist Triumvirate. American Regionalism is best known through its "Regionalist Triumvirate" consisting of the three most highly respected artists of America's American Gothic painted by Grant Wood in Watch video · Iowan painter Grant Wood is best known for the iconic work 'American Gothic.' Wood became the de facto spokesperson for the American Regionalist movement.

American first Born: Feb 13, Grant Wood: A Life by R. Tripp Evans. regionalist painter, Grant Wood is revealed to have been anything but plain, or simple and private life. The defensive, all-American image Wood adopted in response to this scrutiny has provided as much relief to his promoters as it has fodder for his critics, yet it has also led to their 3/5(6).

Grant Wood: A Life [R. Tripp Evans] on killarney10mile.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. He claimed to be “the plainest kind of fellow you can find.

regionalist painter, Grant Wood is revealed to have been anything but plain, or simple This is a very good and readable biography of the artist Grant Wood. Tripp brings Wood and his /5(18).

Take a look and a listen then have yourself a good day. an American Regionalist painter whose work I felt was at the same level as that of Grant Wood and Thomas Hart Peter Hurd, whose work is wonderful, bringing to mind the regionalist painters such as Grant Wood.

Thomas Cole- The Course of Empire- Destruction. Of.

A look at the life and times of american regionalist painter grant wood
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